Maya - by Kris Kulakova

An invitation to live great experiences

Ni Shunpin works in favor of alliances and relationships of respect and sharing with the Huni Kuin culture, and we believe in direct experiences, as potentiators of this journey.
Therefore, we promote experiences of direct and deep contact with the forest and with the Huni Kuin culture, through immersions that bring a much deeper depth than words could describe.

These are days of collaboration and dialogue, experiences and ceremonies, musical and artistic circles, as well as activities and practices that leave a legacy of actions that can benefit the Ni Yuxibu / Altamira village, located in the municipality of Jordão, in Acre, on the banks of the river. Tarauacá River, and in total connection with the forest and its charms.

If you feel the strength of this invitation to the alliance, come step into the land of the Amazon rainforest, see and feel the power of this great forest and its people.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, activities in indigenous villages are suspended indefinitely, but we are tracing the contours of the next immersion, and as a starting point, we are interested in participating in this journey of co-creation with the Huni Kuin people.


Contact us for partnerships and actions and join Ni Shunpin.