In line with the vision of Ma Keneya, the Colorful World, we chose to undertake a collaborative journey of knowledge construction and implementation of initiatives, aligned with local leaders and always guided by the demands of the Huni Kuin people of the Ni Yuxibu / Altamira village. These initiatives aim to leave a legacy of positive impacts in several areas, and are guided by three main axes:


NI YUXIBU Zero Waste Project

A project developed from our immersion in the Ni Yuxibu village, it is ongoing with Huni Kuin agents, managing waste and building engagement through dialogue and shared understanding of the impacts of consumption in the various dimensions of life.

Food Sovereignty

Seed Bank Project

From the forest to the kitchen – this project seeks to encourage the exchange and multiplication of Creole seeds, rediscovering relationships with food, in the encounter between cultures, with their feet in the forest, and focusing on building a reality where the Huni Kuin people have greater autonomy and food sovereignty.


Arts Village Project

Art imitates the forest – receiving inspiration from the Amazon for artistic production in different languages and discovering the creative potential at its maximum potential, Huni Kuin artists and guest artists dance and create with the plants and elements of the forest. An effervescent community of potters, visual artists, weavers, musicians and photographers who use art to give voice to tradition and creativity.